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For many travelers Internet connection is very important. Even if we decide to stay the most time of our holiday offline, and to relax especially from work and not to check our business emails, we are still looking for a Wi-Fi connection from time to time. Internet  allows us to access applications and networks that have become an important part of our everyday life, and also a kind of pleasure that we do not want to miss on our vacation.

If you’re the kind of traveler who love to share the best moments from your vacation with your friends or to leave a comment about a great bar you just discovered, or to recommend an excellent restaurant that you just found, then you searched for Wi-Fi a few times for sure.

But it’s not only that we  love to share our experiences, comments and recommendations, we need the Wi-Fi connection to find out more about our destination, to read the advice of other travelers, to find Information about interesting sights and to find the best restaurants.

Life is simpler and more comfortable with the Wi-Fi connection that is not always easy to find.

And have you ever thought that our best friends, our dogs, could help us with that?

Jose from Spain is pretty sure that Wi-Fi dogs can help tourists to find the Wi-Fi connection and to make their stay in Spain even more beautiful. His Start up is focused on training Wi-Fi dogs  to find the Internet connection and to help tourists.

Great idea, or not? Watch the video.

Would you rent a Wi-Fi dog? Or what’s the craziest thing you’ve done so far on holiday to find an Internet connection?


And on your next vacation when you try to find Wi-Fi conncetion just remember that this is maybe waste of time. Relax and just enjoy the moment.

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