Food from Croatia is very delicious and is probably one of the best in Europe. Gourmets like especially the traditional food of Croatia and tourists like it a lot during the season.

Each region in Croatia has its own specialties and recipes that are especially delicious in this part of the state. Today we won’t write about typically croatian dishes but about 5 delicious specialties from Istria. Food in Istria is truly gorgeous and one of the main reasons why every visit to this region is so spacial and why many people always return.

Fish and seafood in Istria

When you are in Istria you must try some of the fish dishes and seafood.Take your chance to eat fresh and delicious fish. Istria has numerous fish restaurants which are known for excellent cuisine, but you have also the opportunity to buy fresh fish or seafood  at the fish markets in the morning and to prepare it yourself if you prefer so. Our advice is to visit fish festivals where you can eat fish, clams, squid and other seafood delicacies at extremely low prices. We especially recommend Scallops that are in Istria really great.


Istrian pasta pljukanci and fuži

If you like pasta then you will adore the Istrian pasta. Two types of Istrian pasta are especially popular: pljukanci and fuži. You will find them on the menu in numerous restaurants served with a variety of sauces. Although it is a very simple dish it is very popular. Istrians like it a lot but also the tourists from all over the world.

Istrian pasta fuzi

Boškarin for meat lovers

If you like meat and want to eat traditional food from Istria, we recommend you to order a Boškarin steak. Boškarin is a traditional istrian cattle which is today a gourmet delight of this area. You can eat the steak pure, with vegetables or in combination with istrian pasta pljukanci or fuži. Restaurant guests rank this dish as one of the best..

This is definitely a dish that is typical for Istria although you can eat this kind of meat in several restaurants in other parts of Croatian.

Boskarin Istria meat

Truffles in Istria

Truffles are a culinary supplement that inspires many gourmets. Combined with food truffles give a special and intense flavor which makes every meal unforgettable. Also all products with truffles, like cheese or oil, are incredible tasty.

Truffles are underground mushrooms and people believe they have aphrodisiac powers. Istria is rich with truffles and one of the biggest truffles ever, around 1,31 kg,  is found here. It was found by Giancarlo Zigante and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Truffle in Istria

Istrian prosciutto

Istrian ham or istrian prosciutto is probably one of the most popular istrian dishes. You will find it on every gathering, in every restaurant or every taverna. You will try the best

prosciutto in itstrian homes but many taverns and restaurants try to serve their guests the best ham because they know it’s popular and in demand. When you visit Istria you will find out that many evenings starts and ends with good wine and prosciutto and a lot of laughter and good companionship between.

These are just five of many delicacies of food in Istria. After you have read these tips hopefully you will know what to order when you come to Istria. We will write soon more about food in Croatia and about the food in Istria. Bon Appetite.

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